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In September 2020 I had the opportunity to spend a week-end in Aosta Valley, and it was the most productive trip I've ever had in terms of photography. I stayed in a little village called Saint Nicolas, where I literally left half of my heart, and so I took lots of pictures of Saint Nicolas church and the woods sorrounding it. I also visited the Parc Animalier d'Introd, where you can see amazing animals in their natural enviroment, and the amazing Pre-Saint-Didier river, that could give breathtaking views. I suggest you all to visit this hidden gems of our beautiful country, so click on the links below to reach Hotel Saint Nicolas website and Parc Animalier d'Introd website. Go and take a look if you want!

Here you will find a selection of the best pics I took during a trip in Salzburg. I went there in july 2021 and I unconditionally fell in love with this place, its white buildings, its dreamy atmosphere and the sorrounding mountains! I both captured the city centre and the amazing countryside, the most hidden and dreamy part of Salzburg. 

I really hope you will like this city through the pics I took, and I highly recommend you to visit it as soon as you can!