Welcome to my blog!

In this post I want to introduce you all to this new great adventure I just started creating a website! If six years ago someone had told me I would have opened my own website one day, I just hadn't believe it, and now here I am! I decided to add a blog page to my site because lately I found out I really want to share my opinions about photography and that instagram is not the best place to do it properly in my opinion, because on ig everything has to be short and immediate and there's no place for long text.

So this is what I managed to create! In this blog I will talk about what I think of photography, what it means to me and what is my work flow while taking and post-producing pics. I will also post travel reportage, so you can know where I took my pics and what kind of settings I used.

If you have other topics you want me to treat here you just have to tell me in the comment section or in DMs, you will find me on IG as serenasalmoiraghi.ph

I really hope you enjoy this brand-new little space I created for my love for photography and I really hope I will watch it grow with you all!

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